Published in Meath Chronicle May 2nd Edition

Academy Street – The Book, Not The Street!

My friend dropped in on his way to the library and asked if I wanted anything.  He still regrets his generosity. Jumping on the offer, I told him I was looking for Mary Costello’s new novel, Academy Street.

In hindsight, I should have known that sending someone who’s essentially a tourist (having spent far too long in New Mexico) to look for a book called Academy Street, in a library very near Academy Street, in a town which actually has an Academy Street, was not my brightest moment.  I forgot he doesn’t know the street names round here.  So, in the nature of the true innocent abroad, he went off to the library searching for Academy Street.

The librarian, a really helpful person, told him it was nearby. Just turn left outside the entrance, take the steps down the hill, turn right…

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