Book Review. Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh

Orion €17.99

This is Steve Cavanagh’s fifth Eddie Flynn novel and my first! And as twisty plots go, it doesn’t get much twistier than this. The novel opens with a 999 call for police and ambulance as a daughter lies with her dying father.  The father has been stabbed repeatedly and, really, there’s no hope.  This 999 call is swiftly followed by another 999 call about the same case, this time from the victim’s other daughter. Both sisters are in their father’s house and each one accuses the other of their father’s murder. But which sister actually did it?

The victim, Frank Avellino, is an insanely wealthy New Yorker and even with his estate split between the two sisters, he will have left each of them inheriting a king’s ransom. But one of them, and we’re not sure who, wants it all. Enter Eddie Flynn, ex-con turned savvy lawyer. He takes Sofia as his client. Sofia is a lifelong self-harmer, more than a little crazy and she’s absolutely distraught. Eddie knows in his gut she could not have done it. But the state decides to put both sisters on trial for the murder of their father, so Eddie must construct a very convincing defence. The other sister, Alexandra, is more cool-headed and media-savvy. By accident she ends up with a newbie, Kate Brooks, as her defence lawyer. Also by accident, Eddie Flynn and Kate Brooks end up collaborating on a case that gets more blood-soaked by the day.

Steve Cavanagh said in a recent interview: “I wanted to write a novel which had the reader’s head spinning in every chapter, challenging and changing what and who they believed the whole way through the book.” He’s certainly succeeded. If crime novels are your thing, this is a page-turner that will keep you awake well into the wee small hours.

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