Book Review of Just My Luck by Adele Parks

HQ €16.99

Lexi and Jake are an ordinary couple with two ordinary kids and they all live ordinary lives. The couple have been friends with two other couples, the Pearsons and the Heathcotes for over fifteen years and they have a lottery syndicate going between them. But there’s a row, a rift and Lexi finds they’re suddenly not friends anymore. When she wins the lottery a week afterwards, a jackpot of almost 18 millions pounds, things get very frosty indeed.  

Claims are made and rejected and lawyers are quickly involved, leaving the winning family in the very public eye when they had hoped to keep it private, although feckless Jake buying a sports car before the money isn’t even in the bank is a sign of things to come.

Lexi is forced into leaving her job in the Citizen’s Advice Bureau because of the throngs arriving at her office, everyone desperately looking for some cash. Her social conscience is pricked as she realizes she can’t help every worthy cause, but she can certainly help one man in particular, a homeless man from Moldova.

I found this yarn impossible to put down. Parks is famous for her twisty plots and her skilful depictions of ornery human beans, but here she has excelled herself. With pinpoint accuracy she charts exactly how an obscene amount of wealth can make seemingly harmless people behave obscenely. Just My Luck would almost move you to not want a lottery win at all. Almost!

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